Can you save colors in procreate?

The Procreate Palette Library lets you create, save, share, and import color schemes.

How do you share a color palette?

All your colors can now be shared by going up to the panel menu and clicking on Collaborate or Share Link. So the next time you start a new project, just take a few minutes to set up your colors when you first begin. It will make an easier and much more enjoyable environment to work in.

How do I import a color palette in procreate?

Using the Color Picker to Create Palettes

  1. Import the desired photo into Procreate.
  2. Add a new color palette.
  3. Set it to default.
  4. Use the color picker to sample each color swatch.
  5. Touch a spot on the color palette row.
  6. Colors can be deleted if you made a mistake. …
  7. Colors can also be moved around.

How do you not color over lines in Procreate?

Here’s how it works: first, create your general shape. Then go into your layer menu and select “Alpha Lock” (or, use the shortcut and simply swipe right with two fingers). That way, any details you add will stay within the boundaries of your layer, meaning you won’t color outside the lines of your original shape.

How many color palettes can you have in Procreate?

30 colors per palette – Procreate allows for each palette to have 30 color choices per palette.

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