Frequent question: How do you select and move in clip studio paint?

How do you move part of a clip in Clip studio paint?

Move the part [Windows/macOS/Tablet]

  1. 1Select the tool. On the Tool palette, select the [Operation] tool.
  2. 2Select the sub tool. Open the Sub Tool palette and select [Object].
  3. 3Select the 3D material. Click the 3D character material or 3D drawing figure to edit.
  4. 4Move the part. Drag the part to move.

How do you move an image in clip studio paint?

Moving an image

Drag the drawing area or the bounding box to move the image.

How do I select a line in clip studio paint?

Simply selecting the Shrink Selection Sub Tool, drag your mouse around the line art and it will automatically make the selection that matches your lines! More than that you can make even more specific selections, by using different settings.

How do you select and resize in clip studio?

Simple press ‘Ctrl+T’ and then you have two buttons on the Free Transform tab: one will flip the selection horizontally, the second vertically. Choose the one you want and when you’re done, press enter. You can also go to ‘Edit -> Rotate/Invert Canvas -> Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical’ to flip the whole canvas.

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How do you copy and paste a selection in clip studio?


  1. If you select an object with the [Object] tool, the object will be copied to the clipboard.
  2. If a selection area or object is not selected, the entire layer will be copied to the clipboard.
  3. To paste content that has been copied to the clipboard, use the [Edit] menu > [Paste].

How do you move layers in clip studio paint?

On the [Layer] palette, select the layer whose stacking order you want to change. To select multiple layers, click the layers while holding Ctrl. To select a group of consecutive layers, click the layers while holding Shift down. Drag and drop the palette to the desired position.

How do you stretch in Clip studio paint?

Dragging a handle while holding down Ctrl + Alt keys allows you to scale up/down the image from the center point.

How do you move the canvas around clip studio paint?

Select the [Move] tool from the [Tool] palette and select the [Hand] sub tool from the [Sub tool] palette. Click the canvas and drag to move the canvas freely. You can move the canvas freely by swiping with two fingers on the canvas, when using an iPad.

How do I select multiple areas in clip studio?

Select multiple items by holding Shift

Consecutively click the control points while holding Shift . This will select multiple control points.

How do I invert a selected area in clip studio?

Select the [Select] menu > [Invert selected area] to invert the selected area.