How do I add an image to a layer in procreate pocket?

Tap Modify > Actions > Add > Take a photo to bring up your iPhone’s inbuilt camera. Take a photo, tap Use Photo, and it will appear in any open document ready for use.

How do I add an image to a layer in Procreate?

Take a Photo as a Private Layer

To take a photo, Tap Take a private photo to bring up the Camera app and take your photo. Once you have taken a photo it will appear on your Canvas. It will also appear in your Layers menu with the word Private under the Layer title.

Can you do layers on Procreate pocket?

Procreate Pocket enables you to select entire layers (detailed above), or select all the pixels on a layer via the Layer Options Menu. You can also select smaller parts of the contents of a layer using Selection Tools. Explore these different approaches in greater detail in Selections.

Can you edit photos on Procreate pocket?

Yes, it can. Although Procreate doesn’t look like most photo editing apps on your phone, it does have the potential to do many things they do, with even higher quality and more customization.

How do I add an image in Procreate?

Once you open Procreate, click the “+” in the top right corner to create a new canvas. I selected the “screen size” canvas for this tutorial. Then, add your photo by clicking the “wrench” icon in the top left corner, select “add,” then, “insert a photo.” You will be able to select the photo from your camera roll.

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How do you use alpha lock in procreate pocket?

In the Layers panel, tap a Layer to bring up Layer Options, then tap Alpha Lock. As a shortcut, you can swipe a layer left-to-right with two fingers to activate Alpha Lock. A checkered background in the layer thumbnail indicates Alpha Lock is active. Learn more about Alpha Lock in Masks.

How do you duplicate layers in procreate pocket?

Let’s get started!

  1. Go to the Layers Panel. This is can be accessed by tapping the icon at the top left of your Procreate toolbar that looks like two squares stacked on top of each other. …
  2. Tap on a Layer to select it. …
  3. Swipe left on the layer. …
  4. Tap ‘Duplicate’ to duplicate layers.

How do you alpha lock a layer in procreate?

Tap the layer and tap Alpha Lock in the Layer Options menu. You can also swipe right with two fingers on the layer to lock the alpha. You will be able to tell that Alpha Lock is enabled because the layer thumbnail will have a checkered background. Here’s where you’ll see what Alpha Lock does in Procreate.