How do I add an image to a layer in procreate?

To insert a compatible image file as a Private Layer, tap Actions > Add and then slide the Insert a file tab to the left. This will reveal a grey Insert a private file button, tap to bring up the Files app displaying your recent images.

How do I insert an image in Procreate?

To insert a picture inside the Procreate canvas: In the top left, select the tool option > insert > insert flat image > find the image you are going to use.

Can you overlay in Procreate?

Procreate has a whole host of blending modes to try out, including: Multiply, Darken, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Darker Color, Normal, Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Add, Lighter Color, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Pin Light, Hard Mix, Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, Divide, Hue, Saturation …

How do I combine layers in Procreate?

In the Layers panel, tap a layer to bring up Layer Options, then tap Merge Down. You can merge multiple groups with a simple Pinch gesture. Pinch together the top and bottom layers you want to merge. These will merge together along with every layer between them.

How do you rasterize a layer in Procreate?

Tap the Text layer to bring up the Layer Options menu, then tap Rename. To rasterize your text, tap the Text layer in the Layers palette. This invokes the Layer Options menu, where you can tap Rasterize.

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Does procreate pocket have layers?

The Layers button looks like a pair of overlapping squares. It sits in the top-right menu bar of Procreate Pocket’s interface. Tap it to bring up the Layers panel.

How many layers can you have on procreate pocket?

Procreate may also see a new maximum resolution, expanding to 16,384 x 8,192px with 3 layers. Other canvas resolutions will see increases of: 2,048 x 2,048px from 196 to 246 layers.

What is the difference between procreate pocket and procreate?

Procreate is a digital art program designed for iPads. Procreate Pocket is the same program, but it is designed to be used on iPhones.