How do I replace one color with another in SketchBook?

Where is the color wheel in SketchBook?

For SketchBook Pro handheld device users

The color wheel, HSL and RGB sliders, and color swatches appear in their own panel of the editor. Tap the icons at the bottom of the panel to access them. , then Copic tab along the top of the panel. To exit the editor, tap the x.

How do you get color puck back on SketchBook?

The Color Puck in SketchBook Pro Windows 10

  1. The Color Puck is open by default; however, if it is not visible, in the toolbar, select. UI Toggle > Color Editor to display it.
  2. If the Color Editor is already visible, then tap the Puck icon ( ) in its top left corner to swap from the Color Editor to the Color Puck.

How do I add another color puck to my SketchBook?

Creating a custom color in SketchBook Pro Desktop

If the puck is not visible, to access it, select Window > Color Puck. Tap-drag right and left to quickly change the saturation. Tap-drag up and down to quickly change the luminance of the color.

What is double puck in SketchBook?

Using the Double Puck in Sketchbook for mobile

Sketchbook for mobile doesn’t have a singular Brush Puck. Due to the size of many of the devices, we’ve created the Double Puck. If you are looking for a way to change the size of your brush or its opacity, use the top portion of the Double Puck.

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How do you open color in SketchBook?

Tap the middle of the Color Puck to access the Color Wheel. to open the palette. To select a swatch color, tap a swatch.

How do I turn grayscale on SketchBook?

Select the rectangle. In the Inspector pane under the Fills category, change the Fill color to white. Still in the Fills section under Blending, select the Color option. This will change all layers underneath to grayscale.

How do you use the magic wand in SketchBook?

The version of SketchBook you are using will determine the UI you will see.

For handheld device users

  1. In the toolbar, tap , then. and select a tool from the Selection toolbar.
  2. Tap. Magic Wand.
  3. Tap the color you want selected.
  4. Tap-drag the Tolerance slider to either narrow or broaden the selection.

What does magic wand do in SketchBook?

In SketchBook Pro Desktop, a selection can also be used to select an area, then with the V key open the Transform Puck to move, scale or rotate your selection. Magic Wand to select the background and either an eraser or Clear to delete the background.