How do you smooth lines in clip studio paint?

How do you make lines smooth in clip studio paint?

Select the layer to process and select the [Filter] menu > [Effect] > [Blur] > [Smoothing]. The anti-aliasing effect will be applied to the layer to make jagged lines less noticeable.

Why are my lines jagged in clip studio paint?

The display scale is too small.

When the scale is smaller than 100%, the lines will look jagged, as seen in the image below. … (3) Set the display quality to [High quality].

How do I turn on correction in clip studio paint?

Click the icon on the lower right of the [Tool property] palette. 4. Select [Correction] in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette and draw lines on canvas by checking or not [Post correction] and changing the value.

How do you adjust the sensitivity on clip studio paint?


  1. Create a new canvas and select [Pen Pressure Settings] in [File].
  2. Select [Adjust by multiple stroke] in the [Auto adjust pen pressure].
  3. Pen pressure will be automatically adjusted while you draw lines many times with the dialogue displayed.
  4. Press [OK], then the adjustment is finished.

How do I smooth lines in gimp?

How to Smooth in GIMP

  1. Launch GIMP from the desktop or Start menu shortcut. …
  2. Open the “Filters” menu at the top of the screen and select the “Blur” category.
  3. Click “Blur.” GIMP applies a simple blur filter to soften the image.
  4. Apply the blur filter repeatedly as needed to continue softening the image.
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