What is a good sentence for Painter?

1 He is a painter in water colours. 2 The painter painted the gate black. 3 She has a God-given talent as a painter. 4 She’s a very accomplished pianist/painter/horsewoman.

What is a good sentence for artist?

1 The artist looked at her with scorn. 2 This is clearly the work of a superior artist. 3 He earned a precarious living as an artist. 4 An artist sculpted a full-size replica of her head.

What do you call a person who paints?

A painter is someone who paints walls, doors, and some other parts of buildings as their job.

How can I use make in a sentence?

Make sentence example

  • Drowning your sorrows in eggnog will only make you feel worse in the long run. …
  • That does make sense. …
  • You make a difference. …
  • Did you make any real progress? …
  • They didn’t make it to the restaurant. …
  • It shouldn’t make any difference if he’s adopted. …
  • I always make it a rule to speak out.

What is a sentence for art?

“He creates great art.” “She enjoys abstract art.” “I am studying creative arts.” “We are studying ancient art.”

What is the sentence of musician?

1 He is a very creative musician. 2 Mozart was a talented musician. 3 He had been a talented musician in his youth. 4 He was a practiced musician.

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How do you use delicious in a sentence?

Delicious sentence example

  1. Delicious dark chocolate eyes twinkled with mirth. …
  2. She met that delicious chocolate gaze and smiled. …
  3. How cool and delicious it was! …
  4. He looked delicious in that dark suit. …
  5. I hope she will not eat too many of the delicious fruit for they will make her very ill.

How do you use the word artistic?


  1. The exhibition runs the whole gamut of artistic styles.
  2. She comes from a very artistic family.
  3. There are encouraging signs of an artistic revival.
  4. Opinion about the artistic merit of his paintings has been mixed.
  5. A good teacher can encourage artistic creativity.

Is a painter and artist?

Artist is a person who creates art with the help of Pen and Pencil while Painter is an artist itself who paints the art with help of paint and Brush.

What’s another word for painter?

What is another word for painter?

animator artisan
portrait painter craftsperson
sculptor handicrafter
sketcher drawer
cartoonist fine artist

What a painter does?

A painter applies paint and other decorative finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures. Some of the main duties of a painter are to: Prepare surfaces to be painted (includes scraping, removal of wallpaper, etc.). Determine what materials will be needed.

What are 10 simple sentences?

50 examples of simple sentences

  • She doesn’t study German on Monday.
  • Does she live in Paris?
  • He doesn’t teach math.
  • Cats hate water.
  • Every child likes an ice cream.
  • 6.My brother takes out the trash.
  • The course starts next Sunday.
  • She swims every morning.
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What are sentences 10 examples?

10 example of simple sentence

  • Does he play tennis?
  • The train leaves every morning at 18 AM.
  • Water freezes at 0°C.
  • I love my new pets.
  • They don’t go to school tomorrow.
  • We drink coffee every morning.
  • 7.My Dad never works on the weekends.
  • Cats hate water.

What are the 7 types of sentences?

The other way is based on a sentence’s structure (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex).

  • Statements/Declarative Sentences. These are the most common type of sentence. …
  • Questions/Interrogative Sentences. …
  • Exclamations/Exclamatory Sentences. …
  • Commands/Imperative Sentences.