What is right hand interface procreate?

The Sidebar is designed to be in easy reach of your left hand while you paint with your right. The Right-hand interface setting is for those who prefer it on the other side of the canvas. Tap Actions > Prefs > Right-hand interface to switch sides.

Can you change Procreate to left handed?

Left / Right Sidebar

Tap Actions > Prefs > Right-hand interface to switch sides.

How do I move the sidebar in procreate?

11. Moving the Sidebar. You can move the sidebar up or down by dragging a finger from the edge of the interface over modify button (the square shape in the middle of the sidebar). Then drag the sidebar to a more preferable location.

Can left handed people use the Apple pencil?

Apple can help here too by having a feature which allows us lefties to lock the screen keeping it from reorienting when it’s turned. Two fairly simple things Apple can easily do to make the IPAD and the Apple pencil significantly more user friendly for those of us in our RIGHT minds!.

How do I make Procreate black?

To turn on the dark mode in Procreate and Procreate Pocket, click on the wrench to open the Actions tab and click on the Preferences menu within there. In Procreate, toggle off the Light Interface switch. In Procreate Pocket, click on the Dark Interface button.

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