Where is the help menu in Clip studio paint?

Selecting [Help] Menu > [Support] opens the web browser to the Clip Studio Paint support site. In addition to frequently asked questions, you can find a community to post questions about Clip Studio Paint.

Where are the settings in Clip Studio Paint?

Preferences. Select the [App Settings] menu > [Preferences] dialog box to display the [Preferences] dialog box. Here you can adjust Clip Studio Paint settings for layers, tools, performance, and more. Settings are switched from the above pull-down menu.

How do I open the tools in Clip Studio Paint?

The [Tool] palette displays when [Window] menu → [Tool] is selected. Various tools are arranged as buttons. Clicking a button enables the tool for use. For details on the functions of each tool, see “Tool List”.

How do I unhide the toolbar in Clip Studio Paint?

Restoring the Title Bar and Menu Bar

On Windows, when the Title Bar and Menu Bar are hidden, hold down the Shift key and press the Tab key. The Title bar and Menu bar will appear.

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How do I change my CSP layout?

Layout Settings

  1. 1Tap [Menu] and select [App Settings] menu > [Layout Settings]. …
  2. 2Changing the orientation of your device. …
  3. 3Tapping the top, bottom, left and right blue frames will display a menu in the middle of the screen. …
  4. 4Tapping the four corner frames will display a menu in the middle of the screen.

How do I reset my clip studio paint settings?

Start Clip Studio and then click on [PAINT] in the upper left corner while pressing Shift. Note: Hold down the [Shift] key until the [Reset to original defaults] dialog box appears. 3. Check the items to be reset in the [Initial boot] dialog box and then click [OK].

Can CSP open PDF?

csp can be easily converted to PDF with the help of a PDF printer. … Just open the file with a reader, click the “print” button, choose the virtual PDF printer and click “print”. If you have a reader for the CSP file, and if the reader can print the file, then you can convert the file to a PDF.

How do I make my CSP full screen?

Either keep pressing SHIFT + TAB and toggle though the three options, or click on that small hamburger icon in the top left corner and open a menu. It’ll offer to show both title and menu bars again.

How do I hide the bar in paint?

To hide the Status Bar, just uncheck the Status Bar option in the Home tab.

How do you hide a selection in CSP?

Select the [View] menu > [Selection Border] to show or hide the selection border.

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How do I customize my clip Studio Paint UI?

In CLIP STUDIO PAINT it is possible to change the interface color. Select the [File] menu → [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu for macOS/iPad) → [Preferences]. You can change the color via the [Color] settings by selecting [Interface] in the [Preferences] dialog.

Where is the Object tool in clip studio paint?

1On the Layer palette, select the layer with the ruler you want to move. 2On the Tool palette, select the [Operation] tool. Select the [Object] sub tool from the Sub Tool palette.