Best answer: How do I make an object go behind existing object in Illustrator?

To move an object by one object to the front or one object to the back of a stack, select the object you want to move, and choose Object > Arrange > Bring Forward or Object > Arrange > Send Backward.

How do you overlap an object in Illustrator?

Cut a hole in an object using a compound path

  1. Select the object to use as a hole, and position it so that it overlaps the object to cut. Repeat for any additional objects you want to use as holes.
  2. Select all the objects you want to include in the compound path.
  3. Choose Object > Compound Path > Make.

How do I draw behind a layer in Illustrator?

How to Use Draw Behind Mode in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Select the object that you want on top, then go to the Tool Bar and click Draw Behind .
  2. Create the next object and it will be underneath the object selected in the previous step.

How do I place a layer on top of another in Illustrator?

To add a new layer above the selected layer, click the Create New Layer button in the Layers panel. To create a new sublayer inside the selected layer, click the Create New Sublayer button in the Layers panel. Tip: To set options when you create a new layer, choose New Layer or New Sublayer from the Layers panel menu.

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How do you draw behind a layer?

To create, paste, or place content behind other content on a layer, select the Draw Behind mode towards the bottom of the Toolbar. Then, with nothing selected, create, paste, or place content in the document and it will be behind all other content on the currently selected layer.

What is draw behind in Illustrator?

In Illustrator, you can specify how and where you want to draw an object. … The Draw Behind mode allows you to draw behind all objects on a selected layer (no other objects selected). If an object is selected, the new object is drawn directly behind it.

How do I move an object to a different layer in Photoshop?

To select a part of your picture and move it to a new layer:

  1. Select the area of your image that you want to move to a new layer. You can use the Brush, Magic Wand, or Rectangular Marquee selection tool. …
  2. Choose Layer→New, then either Layer Via Copy or Layer Via Cut. …
  3. Choose File→Save.

How do you move an object to a different layer in Photoshop?

Drag the layer or layers up or down the Layers panel to the new position. Choose Layer > Arrange, and then choose Bring To Front, Bring Forward, Send Backward, or Send To Back.

How do I overlay two images in Illustrator?

Click the “Blend” icon, and then click on the images that you want to blend. Click the “Blend” icon again when you have selected all of the required images. The blended object will be created automatically.

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Where are blending modes in Illustrator?

Apply a blending mode to the copied shape

With content selected, click the Opacity option in the Properties panel on the right to open the Transparency panel. Click Normal to open the Blending Mode menu. You can choose from a wide range of blending modes; they are grouped in the menu according to their function.