How do I drag the ruler in Illustrator?

How do I move the ruler in Illustrator?

Move, delete, or release guides

  1. If guides are locked, select View > Guides > Lock Guides.
  2. Do any of the following: To move the guide, drag it or copy it. To delete the guide, press the backspace key (Windows) or the Delete key (Mac OS), or choose Edit > Cut or Edit > Clear.

How do I move the ruler guide?

Move ruler guides

  1. To move a ruler guide, drag it.
  2. To move multiple ruler guides, shift-select the guides you want to move, and then drag them. …
  3. To make a guide snap to a ruler tick mark, press Shift as you drag it.

Why can’t I move my guides in Illustrator?

The guides are not locked.

Guides are not locked. Some guides can only be moved when they are selected in the Layer Panels and when using the arrow keys. Non-selectable Guides can be “Released” but only altered in color and line weight and still only moved with the arrow keys.

How do you copy the ruler in Illustrator?

Select all (command/control A) to select all guides, copy them (command/control C), then open a new document and paste the guides (command/control V, or command/control F to paste in front).

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How do I move the ruler in Photoshop?

Click on the Ruler and drag it as if you were trying to move it onto your document. You will see a thin line appear as you drag from the Ruler and this is your Guide. Use the Ruler to help you place the Guide in your desired location. Move a Guide: Hover your cursor over the Guide and click and drag to move it.

How do I hide ruler lines in Illustrator?

To show or hide guides, choose View > Guides > Show Guides or View > Guides > Hide Guides. To change guide settings, choose Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences > Guides & Grid (Mac OS). To lock guides, select View > Guides > Lock Guides.

How do you unlock the ruler guide in Illustrator?

The key to unlocking Guides is hidden under the View menu > Guides > Unlock Guides. After the Guide is Unlocked, it can be selected and moved like any other Illustrator object. After moving the Guide, it can be Locked again by going to View > Guides > Lock Guides.