How do I fill text with lines in Illustrator?

How do you fill an object with lines in Illustrator?

Select the drawn object with the Selection tool, and then select the Stroke tool and a color from the swatch. This will color the lines and strokes in the object. Then, select the Fill tool and pick a color from the swatch. Clicking inside the object will fill it with the selected color or pattern.

How do you create lined text in Illustrator?

Lined Text

  1. Lined Text. …
  2. Remove fill color of text and apply border.
  3. Step 02 – Convert it into outline, “Type – Create Outline”
  4. Step 03: Use “Pen tool” and remove lines of text, which convert alphabet into two parallel lines.
  5. Step 04 – Select all and Ungroup it, then right click and “Release Compound Path”.
  6. Ungroup it.

How do you use the fill tool in Illustrator?

Illustrator also allows you to remove the fill from the object.

  1. Click the “Selection Tool” or “Direct Selection Tool” icons, which are the black or white arrows in the Tools panel, and then click the object you want to fill. …
  2. Click the “Fill” icon in the Tools panel or press “X” to activate the Fill tool.

How do you put a line through text?

When you have your text selected, look on the “Home” tab of Word’s Ribbon. In the “Font” group, click the Strikethrough button (it’s the three letters with a line drawn through them). Now, any text you had selected should be struck through. You can also apply strikethrough formatting using the Font window.

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How do you join lines in Illustrator?

To join one or more open paths, use the Selection tool to select the open paths and click Object > Path > Join. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J (Windows) or Cmd+J (Mac). When anchor points are not overlapping, Illustrator adds a line segment to bridge the paths to join.

How do you repeat a line pattern in Illustrator?

How To: Create a Seamless Diagonal Pattern in Illustrator

  1. Start with a “square” artboard. …
  2. Create your vertical line. …
  3. Align your shape to the top right corner. …
  4. Rotate 45 degrees. …
  5. Duplicate your shape and align it to the opposite corner. …
  6. Make a Blend between the 2 shapes. …
  7. Expand your blend. …
  8. Create a square to crop with.