How do I separate a drop shadow from a layer in Photoshop?

by going under the Layer menu, under Layer Style, and choosing Create Layer. Now the drop shadow is no longer attached to the layer—it’s on its own separate layer directly below the original layer (as seen above left). They’re no longer linked together in any way, so you can treat it as a completely separate layer.

How do I separate a layer effect in Photoshop?

However, if you’d like to edit your effect separately from the layer, you can ask Photoshop to put to the layer style on its own separate layer (or layers if necessary). To do this, click on your layer, then go under the Layer menu, under Layer Style, and choose Create Layers.

How do you remove a drop shadow in Photoshop?

Go to Window menu and open the Appearance panel. Scroll and you will see drop shadow. Double click on the drop shadow and the drop shadow window will appear. You can delete it or make changes.

Can I mask a drop shadow in Photoshop?

To edit the drop shadow, we’ll use a layer mask rather than simply erasing the unwanted areas of the drop shadow. In this case, the menu command Layer> Add Layer Mask> Hide All is appropriate, which adds a layer mask that’s completely filled with black. Next, we’ll reveal the drop shadow only where we want it to fall.

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What is the shortcut key when eliminating path S drawn by pen tool?

To delete your entire path, Ctrl-click inside the document, and then choose Delete Path from the menu. You can also delete the entire path by pressing Delete on your keyboard when no anchor points are selected. To select multiple anchor points, hold down Shift while selecting the relevant points.

How do you add a drop shadow in Indesign?

To apply a drop shadow effect to an object:

  1. Select the object with the Selection tool.
  2. Click the fx button in the Properties panel to open the Transparency and Effects drop-down menu. Choose Drop Shadow to open the Effects dialog box. …
  3. Adjust the drop shadow options.