You asked: How do I use the crop tool in Lightroom?

How do you crop in Lightroom?

All of the cropping and straightening is done in Lightroom’s Develop Module. If you’re in the Library Module or something else, just use the module menu at top right or simply press the D key. Once in the Develop Mode, click on the Crop icon, which is the rectangle with dashes.

Where is the spot tool in Lightroom?

You will find the Lightroom spot removal tool in Develop Module, under the Histogram tab. Just click on the spot removal icon in the local adjustments tool bar (highlighted below). As a shortcut, you can also click “Q” on your keyboard to open this tool and click “Q” again to close it.

Can you cut and paste in Lightroom?

As you go through a photo shoot in Lightroom 4, you will most likely find that each image is shot in a similar lighting condition as the last, and you can either cut-and-paste the settings from one main image as you go through a scene, or you may be able to simply hit “Previous” each time.

How do you transform a selection?

To transform a selection, much like you would a layer, create a selection then go to the Select menu and choose Transform Selection. A bounding box will appear around the selection that will allow you to click-and-drag on the corner handles to scale and rotate it.

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How do you use the Perspective crop tool in Photoshop?

To correct image perspective, hold down the Crop tool and select the Perspective Crop tool . Draw a marquee around the distorted object. Match the edges of the marquee to the rectangular edges of the object. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to complete the perspective crop.