You asked: How do you adjust stars in Illustrator?

How do I reduce star points in Illustrator?

Select the Star Tool. Create a shape by click-dragging, and don’t let go of the mouse – keep the button held down. With your non-mouse hand, hit the Up arrow on the keyboard to add points to the star. Hit the Down arrow to reduce the number of points.

How do you make a perfect star in Illustrator?

To create the “perfect” star without having to change the settings, press-and-hold Option-Shift (PC: Alt-Shift) while clicking-and-dragging the star. Option/Alt changes the radius to the “ideal” setting for a perfect star and shift will ensure the sides of the star are straight.

How do I use the flare tool in Illustrator?

Use this tool to create an effect similar to a lens flare in a photograph.

Edit a flare

  1. Select the flare, and double-click the Flare tool icon to open the Flare Tool Options dialog box. Change settings in the dialog box. …
  2. Select the flare and the Flare tool. …
  3. Select the flare, and choose Object > Expand.

How do you edit an ellipse in Illustrator?

Press and hold the Polygon tool and select the Ellipse tool in the toolbar. Drag to create an oval. You can change the dimensions of a Live Ellipse dynamically by dragging the bounding box handles. Shift-drag a bounding box handle to resize the shape proportionally.

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How do you access the options to adjust the smoothness of the lines drawn with the pencil tool?

How do you access the options to adjust the smoothness of the lines drawn with the Pencil tool? Double click the Pencil icon in the Toolbar and set the Fidelity to Smooth.

Where is the shape tool in Illustrator?

Shape tools are located in the Tools panel. To show other shape tools, click and hold the Rectangle tool in the Tools panel.