Your question: How do I show the circle cursor in Photoshop?

Press the ‘Caps Lock’ key while using one of the brushes. It toggles between a circle and a crosshair view. If it’s always wrong when opening Photoshop change the default behavior in Edit –> Preferences –> Cursors. There you can select ‘Normal Brush Tip’.

Why can’t I see my brush circle in Photoshop?

The Photoshop brush size preview is not showing because the Caps Lock Key is on. Caps Lock switches the brush tool from the circle outline to the crosshair preview. Press Caps Lock again on your keyboard to turn it off and this will change you back to the circular brush size indicator.

How do I show my cursor in Photoshop?

Here’s the problem: Check your Caps Lock key. It’s turned on, and turning it on changes your Brush cursor from displaying brush size to displaying the crosshair. This is actually a feature to be used when you need to see the precise center of your brush.

Why can’t I see my cursor on Photoshop?

On a Windows computer choose Edit > Preferences > General and on Mac OS choose Photoshop> Preferences > General. Clear the Show “Start” Workspace When No Documents Are Open check box.

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How do I draw a hand with circles in Photoshop?

One way to do that is with a colored circle.

“Hand-drawn” Circle

  1. Add a new layer (optional, but highly recommended).
  2. Make a round or elliptical selection around the element you need to highlight.
  3. At the bottom of the Paths palette, click the button that converts the selection to a work path. …
  4. Select the Brush tool.

How do I change the cursor style in Photoshop?

Click the Edit (Win) or Photoshop (Mac) menu, point to Preferences, and then click Cursors. Select the Painting Cursors options you want to use: Standard.

How do I see the brush preview in Photoshop?

To show or hide the Live Tip Brush Preview, click the Toggle The Bristle Brush Preview button at the bottom of the Brush or Brush Presets panel.

How do I make my brush visible in Photoshop?

Work with Cursors Options

  1. Click the Edit (Win) or Photoshop (Mac) menu, point to Preferences, and then click Cursors.
  2. Select the Painting Cursors options you want to use: Standard. …
  3. Select the Other Cursors options you want to use: Standard. …
  4. Click OK. Click to view larger image.

Why is my layer mask not working Photoshop?

Solution #1: Set the Brush Mode to Normal

If you know the layer mask is selected, but can’t seem to use your brushes, check the Blend Mode of the Brush Tool. … Just in case, it’s also a good idea to make sure you’re using a standard round brush, set to the color black or white, when working with layer masks.

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Why won’t my tools work in Photoshop?

If a tool is not performing the way you expect, try resetting that tool by right-clicking on its’ icon in the Options bar,and choosing “Reset Tool” from the context menu. Also check your foreground/background colors at the bottom of the Toolbox. They should be black/white. Press D to reset it if it isn’t.

Why is the hand tool stuck in Photoshop?

Sorry that Photoshop is not working as expected as the Hand tool is getting stuck. … Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) the Tool Preset Picker in the Tool options bar and choose Reset Tool to reset the active tool, or choose Reset All Tools to reset all tools to their factory default settings.

Why is brush tool not working on Photoshop?

To reset the brush tool, activate the brush tool by pressing B and click on the drop-down menu beside the brush icon in the settings bar. Next, click the gear icon and then select “Reset Tool.” This will bring the brush tool back to its default settings and should solve any major issues that you aren’t able to solve.