Quick Answer: Do you need a Corsair RGB hub?

Do I need a Corsair lighting hub?

You need both. The Corsair system you are talking about is designed with two boxes that separate two functions. The Lighting Node Pro is the controller that communicates with the Corsair iCue software utility (via a USB2 connection) and creates the signals that control the light displays.

Do you need the Corsair RGB controller?

No, you don’t need the Commander Pro. The LL Fan multipack has a Lighting Node Pro and a Fan Hub, which will allow you to control your RGB. While the CoPro can replace this, you don’t need it. As ritvarsdavis pointed out, you have enough headers for your fans as well.

What is Corsair RGB hub?

The Corsair RGB Fan Hub is, as the name implies, specialized in the control of the RGB illumination of the fans of the manufacturer Corsair. … The hub and the RGB LEDs are powered by an integrated SATA connector . A 3-pin slot on the opposite side connects the hub to Corsair’s Commander Pro RGB LED Controller (LULS-271).

Is the Corsair RGB hub a fan hub?

Corsair RGB LED Fan HUB HD/SP RGB Fan Only.

Can iCUE control any RGB?

CORSAIR iCUE software can now control your motherboard’s RGB lighting and sync it with the rest of your iCUE-compatible devices and components, beginning with ASUS Aura Ready motherboards.

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Can iCUE control RGB strips?

The CORSAIR iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller brings stunning software-controlled RGB lighting to any PC, with four included RGB LED light strips boasting a total of 40 LEDs of RGB illumination.

Does Corsair have a fan hub?

Six (6) port RGB LED hub for CORSAIR RGB fans.

Do you need node Pro?

If your motherboard has an RGB header, you *shouldn’t* need the lighting node pro. You *might* be able to daisy chain your fans together and plug all of them into the same motherboard header. 2. If your motherboard has enough fan headers, you will not need the commander pro hub.